Skillz for iPad

Skillz for iPad 1.1.3

Play at being a virtual DJ

Skillz for iPad is an impressive music rhythm game featuring twenty-five remixes. View full description


  • Great music
  • Solid gameplay
  • Replayability


  • Precise touch controls
  • Sometimes unfair


Skillz for iPad is an impressive music rhythm game featuring twenty-five remixes.

Music rhythm games have come far since their first release. Taking advantage of touch controls, Skillz for iPad imports the tools of real-life DJs and translates the music into an addictive and fun challenge.

The interface of Skillz for iPad presents players with two turntables, eight music cue buttons and a transition slider. It is a full layout for players to experience with the large number of songs. The different remix music uses the different inputs to create incredible and complex rhythms.

Players may go from cuing samples to utilizing the turntables while moving the transition slider. Unlike other rhythm games, player are going to be moving their hands in multiple directions. It is not uncommon to have to crossover hands to accurately hit music cues.

Visuals for Skillz for iPad focuses on the gameplay. In the background, there is animation of the crowd and DJ character, but players will be spending most of their time focusing keeping the songs playing.

The most important aspect of Skillz for iPad is the music. With artists like Diplo, Kid Cudi, and more; the songs create one of the best audio experiences of any music game. Each remix was designed for Skillz for iPad, so the game is the best place to hear them. Skillz for iPad is meant for good headphones so be sure to play the game that way.

Skillz for iPad uses a recognizable point system. The game keeps score based on timing, note streaks, and difficulty. Skillz for iPad also shows a crowd reaction meter so the better the score, the more the crowd enjoys the song.

Skillz for iPad is an impressive music rhythm game featuring some amazing remix music from real musicians.


  • Fixed a rare bug where fans gained during a failed song could be hilariously wrong,
  • Fixed a bug where high scores weren't being posted to OpenFeint leader boards correctly

Skillz for iPad supports the following formats

iPad, iPad 2
Skillz for iPad


Skillz for iPad 1.1.3